The Bear has turned purple for National Polio Day.  It’s a campaign supported by the Rotary Club of Crickhowell – who meet every week at The Bear.  Here’s come information about it.


  1. Why?
  2. Tuesday October 24th is National Polio Day
  3. Why Purple
  4. Because the little finger of every child vaccinated is coloured purple for ease of communication in underdeveloped countries.
  5. ROTARY END POLIO CAMPAIGN- for 30 years Rotary International has been engaged in a programme to eradicate polio. During this time Crickhowell Rotary has contributed annually via its members own contributions and those raised through various fund raising activitie.
  6. Is the campaign successful?
  7. The only countries still to be covered are————-.
  8. PURPLE CROCUSES – in springtime there are beds of crocuses in the grounds of Crickhowell Castle and Crickhowell High School which have been planted to commemorate various milestones in the success of the campaign.