Fly Fishing near The Bear

Some of the best fly fishing in the UK is to be found near The Bear and we have just the man to show it to you.  Professional Game Angling Instructor, Justin Connolly, of is a friend of The Bear and has access to fishing along the Rivers Usk and Wye.  If you stay at The Bear, Justin will take you to the best spots and bring you back again in time for lunch or dinner.  The new season starts on March 3rd and, below, Justin has a few tips to help us prepare


Justin says:

“It’s that time of year again!

The days are just starting to draw out, the thoughts of spring are just kicking in and there is an awful lot to consider before the river fishing season starts. Just walking the banks of the river with the dogs checking out the damage from the winter floods, thinking what effect the changes to the landscape are going to make to this year’s fishing, is the rain ever going to stop, are we going to be able to fish on open day, are the fish going to play ball and show some interest in our fly? We can only wait and see what open day brings.

Then there is the tackle to consider, did I remember to clean my lines at the end of last season, have my leaders lasted the winter, are my waders going to leak, or rather when are my waders going to leak and the most important, have I got the killer fly patterns for the coming season?


Fly choice is really important, especially on the Usk. Make sure you have all the usual suspects in your box. Olive patterns, Caddis and sedge imitations, Grannom, march browns, yellow mays and so on.

For early season Salmon, Shrimp patterns are a great starting point. Consider different weighted flies of the same pattern. We don’t usually see salmon on the Usk until Late May, and that’s dependant on water levels.

Justin 2

May I wish every angler a good season and tight lines.”

Justin Connolly

Nanmoins, cette surveillance est totalement lgale