There’s always something new to try at The Bear; whether it’s the latest special dish for lunch or dinner, an unusual or limited edition gin or a real ale from the guest pump. Here is a selection of what is on this week! #crickhowell #specialmenu #realale #fishdishes #pubmeal #restaurant


For the month of July, we have a limited supply of six bottles of Glanusk Estate Gin. This is very special. Only 150 bottles have been made. The gin is trickled through oak chips from the Glanusk Estate at Crickhowell to give it wonderful delicate flavours of oak and orange. We garnish it with a glazed oak leaf and a dehydrated orange and serve it with an aromatic Fever-Tree tonic. Coming on Friday 5th July.
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We’ve been named one of the Best Food Pubs in Wales by Wales Online. Here is what they say: “The Bear is right up there among the cosiest, most welcoming pubs in the country. A former coaching inn which has been welcoming guests for 500 years, you can eat and drink in the historic bar with its oak beams, wooden floors and open fires, or in the restaurant. Either way, you’ll be happy. The bar menu has dishe like braised Welsh lamb shank with spring onion mash and braising juices.”



Now in its eleventh year the Art Trail of Open Studios champions and celebrates locally based artists and their work. It is an annual event which takes place during the Spring Bank Holiday weekend in May. (25 – 27 May 2019) It affords visitors the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beautiful Brecon Beacons and surrounding countryside whilst visiting the studios of some of the area’s exceptional artists.


In 2018, Crickhowell won the award for Best High Street in the whole of the UK. You can walk out of The Bear and shop in a variety of family-run and independent small businesses – making a visit to The Bear a real experience. Yesterday, Crickhowell hosted the launch of the 2019 Great British High Street Campaign. Here’s Crickhowell’s story.


There’s always something to see at The Bear, whatever the weather, and especially when the Midlands Austin Seven Club come to stay.
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Here’s the full list of Gins at The Bear.

A Bit Of History

Gin gets its name from the Dutch word for juniper, which is genever.

It is juniper that sets gin apart from all other types of spirits, as it is juniper that officially must be the predominant flavour for a spirit to be classified as gin. Gin, like so many things was originally produced as a medicine and this along with it’s pleasing taste made it high in demand.

Gin gained in popularity during the war, when British soldiers fighting on Dutch land were aided with “Dutch Courage” by drinking gin. When gin became more popular in the United Kingdom many produced their own at home as the distillation was so such a simple process and could be done almost anywhere.

It wasn’t until the 18th century in South America that tonic water also became known for its medical properties however the taste despite it health benefits was not pleasant. As a result, British colonies in India started adding gin to the tonic to improve the taste and add an extra kick and this was the birth of the Gin & Tonic.

 Unlike other spirits the range of botanicals and spices that can be used to enhance the flavour of Gin is still growing and for this reason Gin has become the most popular spirit in the United Kingdom.

So sit back and enjoy your choice from our varied selection of Gin’s here at The Bear Hotel.


One of our ‘Gins of the Week’

Every day is Gin Day at The Bear, and every week we will be featuring a different ‘Gin of the Week’ from our menu of 20 Welsh, exotic, botanical and aromatic gins from around the world.  Each featured Gin will be garnished to complement its unique taste and matched with a flavoured Fever-Tree tonic water.

The Gin of the Week feature is being introduced by our Assistant Manager, Williams Garcia.

The Gin of the Week feature is being introduced by our Assistant Manager, Williams Garcia, who has recently returned from a spell working for Tom Kerridge at the Hand and Flowers in Marlow, which is the only pub in the UK with two Michelin Stars.

While there, Williams picked up a taste for Gin and learned which garnishes go with which drink. “I would start at one end of the Gins and had to recite, in order, which garnish went with which Gin,” he said.  “If I forgot, I had to start again, at the beginning.  That made me learn them pretty quickly! “

Before Williams went there, he said he didn’t like Gin.  “But now it is my favourite drink.”  Gin is such a flexible drink, and there are so many aromatics which can flavour them.  The main one is juniper berry, but after that, you can use anything you please. You can use lemon, lime, orange, coriander, cucumber, cloves, cinnamon and many more flavours.”

Three of Williams’ favourite garnishes are dehydrated fruits, frozen fruits in ice cubes and cinnamon sticks, complimented by Fever-Tree tonic and finished with The Bear’s signature, a sprig of Rosemary. 

“The garnish is to enhance the flavour, not alter it too much, but also to enhance the experience.  Before you drink a drink, you want to feast your eyes on it, then you smell the garnishes, and then you drink it, the garnishes give you such a whole wonderful experience.”